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Hooranky(hoo150803) | Summer_green Swamp



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Red, which is deeply submerged in the work, represents the scorching heat of nature versus the hot summer months, and represents the disasters covering the global village.

The artist boldly covers the external and internal heat and fires piled up in this way with green mountains, trees, rivers, etc. It purifies the inner hostility. This shows the essence of catharsis, which gives a feeling of natural coolness and refreshment on the outside, and brings out peace, peace and stability on the inside.

His works are painted with rhythmic moldings and dynamic colors to capture the sensual moment in a harmonious yet sensual way. His work belongs to Abstract Expressionism, and the dramatic contrast of figurative, bizarre shapes and colors leaves a powerful and unique impression on the viewer. He is an abstract expressionist artist who uses digital as a medium. His works are full of forms in the viewer's imagination.

If you recognize the essence of art and look at his work that has reached the stage, you will unwittingly fall into a world of mystery. The audience will unleash their endless imagination, In the end, he becomes immersed in the artist's painting and becomes one with the work and encounters a mysterious world.

he often says “The best thing is to draw with pure thoughts like a child without being bound by form,” he said. The artist is easygoing and does not depend on form.
「Hooranky.B」 is in the ranks of world-class masters in the field of digital media art. His passion for art comes from an innate sense he inherited from his parents.

「Hooranky.B」 majored in Western painting and has worked in Chiang Mai, Beijing, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Iwaki, Fukushima, etc., and is an artist with intuition and foresight through the times.
As an artist who realized that the root of his knowledge is “painting”, he does not want to remain only as a painter. He thinks he should be an artist who paints the world.

Hooranky Bae.

World-class digital media writer


Hooranky.B says that painting is the basis of knowledge and a sign (image) that moves the heart. He records the memories, which are the points of human intellectual action, as digital images (signs). The images in his formative language meet the signs in the minds of the viewers. Hooranky.B is an Abstract Expressionist media artist. The titles of his works are psted in Arabic numerals and record the time they were made.

Hooranky.B is an artist with a special concept of performance that goes beyond drawing and achieves great results through various businesses for promotion and marketing of his work.


With this new idea of Hooranky.B, he launched his work on eBay, a global online marketplace. His actions are very special and effective that go beyond the limits of the existing art distribution, and it was a special performance that he could promote and market at the same time in the global market.

As a result, he succeeded in drawing interest in his works from large foreign collectors, and set a record for high-end contracts as a living artist in Korean history.

And Hooranky.B exhibited his work in the luxury department store in Korea, and generated billions in department store sales in 30 minutes through the spot auction. Since then, it has been benchmarked by all other department stores in Korea.

Recently, Hooranky.B was selected for the "Miami 2020 Bitcoin Conference "through NFTBLUE, a global NFT promotion company in the United States, and promoted throughout North America.

His NFT works were sold at a large price at the Hooranky.B NFT Private Auction. It was reported by more than 150 media outlets in North America. It was ranked 5th in the world's NFT winning bid rankings. Currently, Hooranky's work price is the highest in the world for a living artist.

Meanwhile, Hooranky.B is a digital media artist and co-CEO of "ARTi Project (ART+innovation, Chairman Croe.Kim)" that pursues innovation in digital art. As the CEO, he is also participating in a project to raise a donation fund through his work in collaboration with organizations honoring pioneers of the Korean labor movement and world-class NGOs.

01.Hooranky.B NFT works and art projects attract attention from the domestic and international art world

02.Hooranky.B's work, sold at US NFT auction for $0.55 million

03.World Vision appoints ambassador for global media art master ‘Painter Hooranky.B’


 : Hooranky Bae
Artwork : hoo150803
Year : 2015
Dimensions : 37.25 x 78.32cm
Frame Size : No Frame
Frame Material : No Frame
Product Certificate : Yes
Damaged Part : N/A
Style : Abstract expressionism
Type : NFT ART WORK, Digital & Acrylic on digital paper
ARTISTHooranky. Bae
COLLECTORWorks owned by 1500 collectors (
Last Sold7500000
PRICE(Crypto)1,869 ETH
GALLERY,MarketplaceARTiX -Global NFT Market
Editions1500 piece/ NFT Edition
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